11 dezembro, 2010

Lucky Dawg Bites-The Only good Vampire:pag 06
December 9th, 2010By Adan J Monetta.
Lucky Dawg
Bites The vampire gets a pass.Maybe vamps can be good.
Art By Elton Dias
Colors By Guillhermo Ucha
Letters E written By Adan J. Monetta

08 dezembro, 2010

Storm Marvel comics
Watercolor and Photo shop.
I made some changes in Photo Shop after monochromatic watercolor.

03 dezembro, 2010

Lucky Dawg bites - The Only Good

The last events in Rio de Janeiro show the reality of more than 20 years of oppression of drug trafficking.
With the latest happenings believe that a new born Rio de Janeiro.
Congratulations and the police authorities of Rio de Janeiro.