Argo Comics Anthology #6

Written By Dan Sehn. Art By Brian Brinlee, Elton Thomasi, Israel Gusmão, David Quiles, Tim Vigil, Dan Sehn, Kevin Mcveigh And Mike Gallagher. Colors By Miguel Marques. Cover By Brad Green. Pin-ups By Isa Richardson, Tim Vigil, Elton Thomasi, Brian Brinlee, John Hebert, Tim Tyler, Kevin Mcveigh, And Louis Small Jr.

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

Finally, the tale is told! The time-spanning secret origin of the Paladins! Also, another thrilling tale of the Teen Machine, the world's greatest group of teen mega-heroes... or are they? Enter the Justice Teens! Lastly, who do you call when things are too extreme even for the Death Squad? Meet the Death Squad Reserves! All this plus Argo Comic's famous pin-up section with art by industry pros and upcoming superstar artists of tomorrow!

Argo Comics Anthology introduces you to the heroes and heroines of the Argo Comics Universe.

Argo Comics Anthology #6 TM and © Dan Sehn. All Rights Reserved.

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Alan Faria disse…
é isso ai Elton, manda bala nas pgs!